Das Wasserwerk
Wandil was founded in 2003 and resides in the Old Waterworks on the Ilm near the small village of Oettern in Thuringia.

In the 90s Peter Böhlefeld, a dedicated sculptor training to become a teacher, was looking for a material that would match his creative intentions. His search took him down unconventional routes and he began to consider peat fibre. His meeting with the natural material had consequences: He followed Dr Rudolf Steiner’s indications that peat could protect the human being from the influences of technology and found further information in Henri Smith’s peat fibre research inspired by Dr Rudolf Steiner’s suggestions. Peter Böhlefeld discovered the virtuous effect peat fibre can have on the human wellbeing once it has undergone a conversion process which extrapolates the forces from within the peat. Together with Bettina Rinderknecht he developed the Wandil-process that forms the basis of their joined venture today. With their work they hope to help protect human beings in at least some situations from the ever present electromagnetic processes to which they are exposed.

Wandil would like to thank the many employees, supporters, lenders and not least the customers for their part in this successful business.
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